Server Trailer!

Wolfinte OWNER posted Sat at 20:34

Hello, everyone!

I have been working hard behind the scenes the past few days and today I'm finally excited to reveal what I have been working on! This trailer is just the beginning of a series of videos I am planning to release about the server - so stay tuned!

Trial_Crafter P-HeroF-Hero Work of Art
AuciousAid1 P-PURESB-HeroF-MVP so staff is being worked on now and it will be expected when?


Wolfinte OWNER posted Sep 11, 17

Hello, Purecrafters!

As you may have seen in the previous post, Purecraft now has its own Discord server! From chatting with friends, to asking for help, to contacting me with questions or suggestions; Discord is a great tool to get in touch with your fellow PureCrafters! Discord is also the easiest way to reach me because I can check it on the fly so don't be afraid to reach out, (I don't bite)!

I am also excited to announce we will be hosting some fun events on there soon so stay tuned!

- Purecraft Team

More updates!

Wolfinte OWNER posted Sep 7, 17  -  PrisonUpdate

Hello, all!

I have further worked on some fun features listed here:

  • Complete Casino revamp
  • Added /hub to go to the hub server
  • Added /servers GUI
  • Added informational holo-displays above key crates
  • New message when you receive a token from a mine chest
    • Tells you to go to /warp crates to spend the tokens
  • Force-teleport to spawn after rankup has been removed
  • Changed successful rankup message

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