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Wolfinte OWNER posted Nov 1, 17  -  salevoter

Hello PureCrafters, I hope you all enjoyed your Halloween!

Being the 1st of November, its time to commend player pokeflag for being our top voter for the month of October! He has been messaged with a 5$ voucher to the donation store!

Also, to kick off the season, there is a 50% off store-wide sale going on now! Check out the new item Token Bomb Party for as cheap as $2.99 for a limited time!

Happy Mining!


Wolfinte OWNER posted Oct 25, 17  -  Prisonupdate

Hello Purecrafters!

I am excited to finally announce the release of Token Party Bombs! Token Party Bombs are a Token Drop Party in an item. When you throw the Bomb, the 5-second fuse will start, announcing to the server that your party is about to begin! Once the bomb goes off, dozens of tokens explode from the bomb and are scattered in a circle. The only catch? The host of the party can NOT pick up the tokens. Be the coolest player on the server and start an impromptu party at spawn for all your friends - make it rain! Currently, Token Party Bombs are only available in the donation store.

Over the past few days, I have also been busy tweaking plugins and mechanics as well as adding Mine bombs! check out the full changelog below:


  • Token Party Bombs
    • A Token Drop Party In a bomb
    • 5 Second broadcasted countdown
    • Explodes into dozens of Tokens
    • Host can't pick up dropped Tokens
    • Currently only available in the donation store
  • Mine Bombs
    • Explodes a portion of a mine, mining the blocks for you
    • Auto-smelts ores
    • Different Tiers/types of explosions
    • Currently Tier 1 available in the starter kit and 3 Haste bombs available by voting on all sites
      • Will be expanded to Mine/Key crates and donor kits
  • Spawn
    • Walk speed has been doubled from existing speed
      • Speed walking has been removed from areas:
        • A Mine
        • Casino
        • PvP
        • Crates
    • NPCs have been pushed back from spawn several blocks
  • Title welcome message has been implemented


Wolfinte OWNER posted Oct 23, 17  -  prisonupdate

Hello Purecrafters!

I am excited to finally announce the release of unenchanting! Enchanted a pickaxe using tokens but now want a refund? Type the command /unenchant to see your options! Not only has unenchanting arrived, but so has a full fletched Token GUI! See below for full update list:


  • Token GUI (/tokens)
    • Unenchant GUI (/unenchant)
      • Remove Token enchantments for a 75% of your tokens back
    • Enchant GUI (/enchant)
      • Displays Token balance
      • Displays List of available enchantments
        • Displays descriptions of each enchantment
    • Exp Exchange
      • Allows you to exchange 80 levels for a token!
    • Withdraw (/tokenwithdraw)
      • Allows you to withdraw tokens and turn them into items to trade/sell them with other players
  • Redesigned /warp crates
    • Removed Token Enchant signs
  • Nametags
    • Added color to overhead nametags
    • Added Rank next to player name when pressing tag
  • HUB SERVER: World border has been expanded to allow for more exploration of spawn!


  • Rank GUI
  • Control Center GUI
    • Contains all important menus and commands on the server
  • Mine Bombs
  • Party Bombs
  • Multipliers
  • Events!!

I hope you are all as excited about the upcoming features as I am! Happy mining! :)

Keys Galore!

Wolfinte OWNER posted Oct 8, 17  -  prisonupdate

Hey, Purecrafters!

I got some more awesome weekend updates coming at you:


  • /Sethome has been added for warp free
    • Auction & Sethome (# of items & homes) 
      • Default - 1
      • Elite - 2
      • Hero - 3
      • Legend - 4
      • God - 5
      • Pure - 6
  • Minecrates
    • Uncommon keys have been added
    • It's now easier to find Minecrates while mining
  • Keycrates
    • 2.5% chance to get a key for the next crate up
  • Kits
    • Key kits have been added to the /kits GUI
  • Autoblock and Autosmelt have returned
  • Mines have doubled in depth!
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