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Wolfinte OWNER posted Nov 9, 17  -  prisonupdate

Hello PureCrafters,

I am excited to announce a number of updates that have recently hit Purecraft! Check out the changelog below:

  • Main Menu (/menu)
    • All your most important information and most used commands in one place!
      • Money Balance
      • Token Menu (/tokens)
        • Token Balance
      • Ranks Menu (/ranks)
      • Prestige menu (/prestiges)
      • Active Multipliers! (see below)
      • Achievements! (see below)
      • Kits (/kits)
      • Warps (/warps)
      • More coming soon! (i.e. plot command menu)
  • Achievements (/aach list)
    • A large number of basic achievements have been added to the game! Compete with your friends and earn amazing rewards along the way!
  • Ranks (/ranks)
    • Now a dynamic, interactive GUI so you can visually see your progress!
  • Autosell
    • I have made the switch from quicksell to autosell. This switch allows the addition of several new features such as:
      • Sell multipliers
      • /sellall
        • Now sells to the highest paying shop you have permission to!
      • /autosell
      • /autosmelt
      • /autoblocks toggle
  • Title Alert Messages
    • Welcoming join message added
    • Inventory full message has been temporarily removed
  • Free World
    • Border has been expanded 5k blocks in all directions


Wolfinte OWNER posted Oct 25, 17  -  Prisonupdate

Hello Purecrafters!

I am excited to finally announce the release of Token Party Bombs! Token Party Bombs are a Token Drop Party in an item. When you throw the Bomb, the 5-second fuse will start, announcing to the server that your party is about to begin! Once the bomb goes off, dozens of tokens explode from the bomb and are scattered in a circle. The only catch? The host of the party can NOT pick up the tokens. Be the coolest player on the server and start an impromptu party at spawn for all your friends - make it rain! Currently, Token Party Bombs are only available in the donation store.

Over the past few days, I have also been busy tweaking plugins and mechanics as well as adding Mine bombs! check out the full changelog below:


  • Token Party Bombs
    • A Token Drop Party In a bomb
    • 5 Second broadcasted countdown
    • Explodes into dozens of Tokens
    • Host can't pick up dropped Tokens
    • Currently only available in the donation store
  • Mine Bombs
    • Explodes a portion of a mine, mining the blocks for you
    • Auto-smelts ores
    • Different Tiers/types of explosions
    • Currently Tier 1 available in the starter kit and 3 Haste bombs available by voting on all sites
      • Will be expanded to Mine/Key crates and donor kits
  • Spawn
    • Walk speed has been doubled from existing speed
      • Speed walking has been removed from areas:
        • A Mine
        • Casino
        • PvP
        • Crates
    • NPCs have been pushed back from spawn several blocks
  • Title welcome message has been implemented
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