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Forums Revamp!

Wolfinte OWNER posted Feb 8, 19

I have been very busy this week working toward several much-needed updates that are finally coming to PureCraftMC - check out the changelogs below!


  • Forums
    • All previous threads have been archived
    • Rules and guide threads have been formatted and updated with the most recent information
      • Added navigation links to guides where necessary 
    • Forum categories have been more efficiently organized
    •  Event module added to the Forums page
  • Staff Applications
    • All previous applications have been canceled
    • New applications are now being accepted
    • Staff applications are now open to all players
    • Application forms have been updated
  • Optimization
    • Website HTML has been slightly optimized and will now run quicker
  • PureCraftMC 'About Us' page coming soon!


  • Message System
    • Messages from the server are now uniform and color-coded based on the type of message
      • Red - Admin messages
      • Yellow - Game messages
      • Green - Item sold messages
      • Aqua - Server tips & tricks messages
      • Dark Blue - Trading messages
      • Light Purple - Vote-oriented messages
      • Dark Purple - Achievement messages
      • Dark Grey - Default server messages
  •  Free World
    • Mobs spawn in the overworld
    • Donors can now set multiple homes
    • The End World is reset at the start of each month
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixed bug which disabled players from ranking up
    • Fixed bug which disabled players from using keys received from kits
    • Slightly optimized gameplay on the server

Valentines Sale

Wolfinte OWNER posted Feb 6, 19

For a limited time, get 50% OFF storewide!

Happy early Valentines Day!


Wolfinte OWNER posted Feb 1, 19

It's February 1st, you know what that means? Vote counts reset today!

Be the highest voter this month to win a voucher to our store along with in-game prizes every vote!

The player that manages to vote the most each month will receive a $5 voucher to the server donation store! Voting scores start on the 1st of each month and go until the last day of any given month. The voucher will be given regardless of if I, Wolfinte, is the top voter. *Staff can win top voter of the month.

Vote For PureCraftMC!

The top Voter of the Month gets a $5 Voucher!

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