Art Rules

1. You may only post artwork that is of your own creation.
Do not post artwork that is traced or Re-colors of someone else's intellectual property without their written consent to do so.

Fan-made videos are an exception if they contain materials which belong to games such as minecraft. As long as no profit is being made on them and proper credit is given for the materials within the video. In no case are you allowed to -sell- these works as that would remove the creative commons claim upon them as you are making a profit with someone else's work.

Do not post artwork as your own unless it is your own. This means unless YOU yourself has made it, it does not belong here, this is a forum for showing off your creative ability. Not someone else's hard work.

2. Fan videos are perfectly fine to post here, but please remember the above guidelines.
Videos containing more than 30 seconds of music containing copyright are subject to the hosting websites removal. We are not responsible for this as the owner of said music may file a dmca claim to remove them.

3. All materials posted within this forum must follow the terms of use of this server.
That means no nudity, sexually explicit material, or Racist Material will be kept within. Anything posted of such materials will be removed and the poster will be subject to having their rights to post removed.

4. Do not steal other people's artwork, or claim artwork as your own that was not created by you.
I cannot stress this enough as I've seen far too many people do this. An artist's work is like part of their person, to steal it is like cutting off their limbs, or worse.

5. Do not claim artwork, clients, mods, skins, videos, or any other such materials as OFFICIAL works of PureCraftMC unless you have written consent from Wolfinte for you to do so. OFFICIAL works are works that are either created or endorsed by the owner of the material in which you are promoting. (i.e. the PureCraftMC trademark)