Becoming a Helper

What is a helper?
Helper is the first rank of our staff team. Helpers are in training to become a Moderator through the undergoing of a 1 month trial. During this trial, they will learn about answering questions and addressing concerns, dealing with rule-breakers, and overall providing a great experience for all the players on our network.

We are searching for applicants who we feel will fit into our staff team, and work well with the community. We want friendly and cheerful individuals, who are always happy to have a conversation or help somebody who needs help.

The Helper team is a division of members that are dedicated to assisting both in-game and on the forums who stand out as a helpful community member. If we find that you are upholding the standard of what it means to be a helpful PureCraftMC player, then you may just find yourself with an invitation to be a staff member! We specifically look for people who are helpful, courteous and professional.

Remember - a recruiter’s job is not to make sure you get staff. We will give you the help we can, but it’s all up to you as to whether or not you can. Independence is a quality we love to see in our staff members.

Basic Staff Responsibilities:
  • Welcome new players.
  • Regulate chat, (Spam, Advertising, ect.)
  • Answer any questions players might have.
  • Encourage players to vote for the server.
  • Encourage players to post on these forums if you cannot answer their a question of theirs.
  • Finding hackers and cheaters and report them on the forums.
  • Be respectful and professional to all players no matter the situation.

Application Requirements:
  • Well known and respected user in the PureCraftMC community.
  • At least 14 years of age, (with some exceptions.)
  • Active user on both the PureCraftMC Server and website.
  • Able to communicate via Discord or TeamSpeak.
  • Have at least 48 hours of playtime in-game.
  • Know the rules inside and out and follow them accordingly.
  • Never been banned on the server at any point, (muted is another story.)

Application Procedure:
  1. Read through and meet all requirements listed below.
  2. Fill out and submit the staff application linked below.
  3. Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis and you will be notified if you have been accepted or denied.
  4. If you are accepted, you will become a helper.
  5. You will go through a month-long helper trial period to see how you handle your new position.
  6. If you carry out your duties as a helper effectively, you will promoted to JrMod.
  7. Staff members are evaluated regularly and promoted if they have been a consistent and dedicated member to the community in their roll.

Application Rejection Reasons:

Spoiler: AgeShow
Spoiler: In-Game TimeShow
Spoiler: Lack of DetailShow
Spoiler: Recent PunishmentShow
Spoiler: Poor GrammarShow
Spoiler: InactiveShow
Spoiler: Lack of/Poor Reasons for ApplyingShow
Spoiler: Not ReadyShow
Spoiler: ImmaturityShow
Spoiler: Poor Written/Spoken EnglishShow
Spoiler: ForumsShow

Just because you are staff doesn't mean the rules don't apply to you. If you are caught breaking the rules, you will be stripped of your position and dealt with like any other player. We also have the right to revoke your staff position at any time without a reason.