YouTuber Rank Application
Requirements are loose but should be relatively closely met.

  • The channel you're applying with has around 250 Subscribers.
  • Post at least 3 videos on the PureCraftMC Server with loosely 50 views each.
  • Post at least one video of PureCraftMC a week.
  • Be sure to add our IP to your description. IP:

  • [YouTuber] Suffix
  • /Fly
  • /Hat
  • /Feed
  • /Enderchest
  • /Kit YouTube
  • A second plot
  • You will be added to the site's Twitch module

Increase your chances of being accepted by implementing the following,
  • A series name is important, but not necessary. "Minecraft Prison Series - PurecraftMC" is a good start!
  • Create a playlist to keep your PureCraftMC videos together, and easily accessible for you subscribers.
  • Use your video tags well. Tags like OP Prison, PureCraftMC help your video easier to find and get more views!
  • Aim to post a minimum of one PureCraftMC video a week.
  • Be active, be motivated, be community-driven.