All reports should be filled out with the appropriate information. Threads should not contain anything to offend another player.

All threads require proof (Screenshots for Spammers/Videos for Hackers), if you can not prove it then your thread will get deleted. Your thread will also be deleted if you fail to use the template given. We do not accept edited/cropped images whatsoever.

The thread title should look like this:
[Player's name] - Reason

-Copy and Complete-
  • Minecraft Username:
  • Gametype(Server):
  • Reason:
  • Proof (Youtube/Imgur):
  • Key Times on Video [Optional]:
  • Time and Date [Optional]:

I [insert name here] agree that in submitting this report that all PureCraft terms of service are being followed to the correct extent and that should I remove or do anything to tamper with the evidence I provide, I may be liable to being punished. Should I for any reason need to remove evidence, I will contact a member of staff.

Explanation of Fields:
  • Minecraft Username: The name of the person you are reporting; the MC account name of the offender.
  • Gametype: The gametype that was being played as the offender broke the rules.
  • Reason: The abuse which you are reporting; the crime you are accusing the offender of committing.
  • Proof: The evidence of the offender committing the offense or breaking our rules.
  • Key Times on Video (Optional): The times in video evidence where the offender can be seen breaking the rules. Please follow timestamp format, such as 8:34 being 8 minutes and 34 seconds into the video. This field is optional, and can be erased altogether if unneeded (such as screenshots or short videos).
  • Time and Date: Exactly as it sounds. The Time and Date is when you observed the rule breaker breaking the rules, (basically when you took the evidence,) be sure to include what your local time zone is!

Please note that deleting or removing evidence after it has been submitted is not tolerated, and you will be subject to a ban if it is found you are removing evidence. This is your warning.

In the event that you wish to remove the evidence for convenience reasons, such as cleaning up space on your computer or removing extraneous videos from your Youtube channel, you must contact a member of the staff beforehand. They will give you instructions on what to do next to ensure that the evidence is saved elsewhere before you remove it permanently.