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Rankup Revamp

By Wolfinte OWNER - Posted Oct 1, 17

Hello, PureCrafters!

The PureCraft team has been hard at work the past few days rebalancing the rankup mechanics as well and mine prices and blocks within mines. Here a just a few of the many changes that took place:


  • Rankup
    • Rankup prices have been rebalanced based on money earned per one inventory at a given mine
    • Ranking up now gets progressively harder, rather than random, set rankup prices
    • Rankup delay has been removed
    • Sell price adjustments - several sell prices have gone up
  • Mines
    • Mines now auto-reset when they are mined past 60%
    • All blocks that weren't instant-break within mines have been reduced to, or below 10% of the blocks in all affected mines (cutting previous percentages in half!)
  • Auctions
    • Auction house has been added (/ah)
      • Default  - 1 item auctioned at a time
      • Elite+ - 2 item auctioned at a time
      • God+ - 3 items auctioned at a time
  • Voting
    • Voting on all 8 websites now gives you 10 minutes of Haste 
  • You can't use /pay until rank C
  • Free world access is obtained after the first prestige


  • The bottom of the mine at /warp hero has been fixed
  • Items retain their enchantments within PlayerVaults 

If you have any comments, questions, or concerns don't be afraid to share below!

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