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Vote Vouchers!

By Wolfinte OWNER - Posted Oct 6, 17

Hello, PureCrafters!

I have been working hard over the past few days as well as investing in some premium plugins to help bring the server to the next level! 

For starters, the top voter of the month will now be rewarded with $5 vouchers to the Purecraft donation store! Votes will count from midnight EST of the first of the month to midnight EST of the last day of the month, and the winner will be announced the first of the following month!

Several plugins have been added in-game over the past few days so here are some of the many changes that took place:


  • GUI
    • Kits (/kits) | Contraband
      • New kits GUI which visually shows when the kits a player has are available
      • When unavailable, cooldown for the kit is display
      • *Donor key kits will soon be added to GUI
    • Warps (/warps) | Navigation
      • New warps GUI making it easier to view all relevant warps
      • Displays all mine warps in another menu
      • Menu item to warp to current mine
    • Auction House | Black Market
      • Recolored messages
    • *Token Enchant GUI coming soon
    • *"Control Center" GUI coming soon
      • All-in-one GUI that contains all relevant information and commands built-in 
  • NPCs
    • NPCs have been added to Purecraft!
    • Spawn is now populated with NPCs for:
      • Navigation (/warps)
      • Kits (/kits)
      • Auctioneer (/auction)
      • Top Playtime Leaderboards
        • Top monthly stats for the most time playing on the server
    • "Vendor"s are now at every mine and are a one-click sell all for that mine
    • *Potion-Tender coming soon
  • NameTags
    • Tab
      • Ranks are now ordered
        • Staff names will be at the top of tab in bold 
        • Higher-tiered donator ranks are displayed toward the top of tab
        • Default rank will display at the bottom in white
    • NameTag above player
      • Displays the player's username in the same color as their rank


  • Not receiving kits via command had been fixed
  • /prestige GUI has been fixed
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