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GUIs Everywhere!

By Wolfinte OWNER - Posted Nov 9, 17

Hello PureCrafters,

I am excited to announce a number of updates that have recently hit Purecraft! Check out the changelog below:

  • Main Menu (/menu)
    • All your most important information and most used commands in one place!
      • Money Balance
      • Token Menu (/tokens)
        • Token Balance
      • Ranks Menu (/ranks)
      • Prestige menu (/prestiges)
      • Active Multipliers! (see below)
      • Achievements! (see below)
      • Kits (/kits)
      • Warps (/warps)
      • More coming soon! (i.e. plot command menu)
  • Achievements (/aach list)
    • A large number of basic achievements have been added to the game! Compete with your friends and earn amazing rewards along the way!
  • Ranks (/ranks)
    • Now a dynamic, interactive GUI so you can visually see your progress!
  • Autosell
    • I have made the switch from quicksell to autosell. This switch allows the addition of several new features such as:
      • Sell multipliers
      • /sellall
        • Now sells to the highest paying shop you have permission to!
      • /autosell
      • /autosmelt
      • /autoblocks toggle
  • Title Alert Messages
    • Welcoming join message added
    • Inventory full message has been temporarily removed
  • Free World
    • Border has been expanded 5k blocks in all directions
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