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By Wolfinte OWNER - Posted Jan 24, 19

Hello PureCrafters!

For starters, there has been a server-wide reset. The reset is to kick off a few new features and mechanics! One new mechanic many of you have been asking for is right-clicking to sell! That's right, now when right-click with your pickaxe, you will sell all the blocks you can in your inventory to the highest shop. Selling has a 5-second cooldown but ranks Elite and higher can bypass the cooldown completely! Happy mining!

There is a new system for making suggestions on the forums! Every new thread is marked with a tag "Under consideration". I will then be able to look it over and based on player feedback and how well it fits into the existing game, I will respond and assign it a new tag. Other tags include: "Not planned", "Planned", and "Done". Have a burning suggestion for the server? Now is the best time to post it! Start a new thread

With the recent reset, plot world is looking rather sparse! Hop on and you could claim a plot right next to warp plot spawn! Cool plots will be featured on PurecraftMC's Instagram page! Get building!

"Top voter of the month" is being brought back starting February! The top player that manages to vote the most each month will receive a $5 voucher to the server donation store! Voting scores start on the 1st of each month and go until the last day of any given month. The voucher will be given regardless of if I, Wolfinte, is the top voter. *Staff can win top voter of the month.

I hope to be live streaming developing for PureCraftMC in the near future! Players will be able to make suggestions on features to add and then watch me add them! Sound like something you'd like? Follow me, Wolfinte, on Twitch

Thank you all for being so patient and I hope you are enjoying some of these updates as much as I am developing them! See you in-game!

For a full update log and pictures:

The new location of the legendary crate.

 New lava parkour course located at spawn.

The view from new free world spawn.


  • Prison
    • Prison has had a full reset
    • Right click with a pickaxe to sell-all on a 5-second cooldown
      • Elite and higher bypass the cooldown!
  • Spawn
    • Aesthetically updated
    • Rearranged warp crates
    • Added a Lava Parkour Park
      • Rewards coming soon!
  • Warp Plots
    • Aesthetically updated
    • Reset plots
  • Warp Free
    • No world border! Explore to your heart's content!
    • Reset world/nether/end worlds - Be the first to kill the ender dragon!
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixed issue where keys weren't given when won in crates
    • Updated voting links
    • Removed spammy achievement granted upon first connection
  • Website
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