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Prison Revamp!

Wolfinte OWNER posted Apr 25, 18  -  hubprisonupdatewebsite

Hello PureCrafters!

It has been a while since I have been able to bring new updates to PureCraft but I am excited to announce that plans for updates have been in the works! I have spent the past few days bringing several balancing updates to Purecraft! Check them out below!



  • Hub Server
    • Store inventory item now works
  • Prison Server
    • Rankup Awards (Increase as you rankup)
      • 5+ Tokens
      • 1+ Minebombs
    • Spawn
      • Removed animal spawns
      • Moved Helper NPCs to where animal spawners used to be
      • Slightly updated crate appearances
      • Updated PvP arena for better playability
    • Kits
      • New Food Kit (/kit food) - every 2 hours
        • 32 x Bread
        • 8 x Steak
      • Starter kit has been rebalanced
      • Donator kits have been rebalanced
    • Warps (/warps)
      • Added /warp wood
      • Added /warp free
    • Mines
      • Vendors have been placed in more convenient spots relative to the mines
      • NPC names have been recolored to show which NPCs have utility
      • NPCs have been added throughout various mines
      • Fixed ladder centering and placement issues
      • Added roofs to mine buildings
    • Crates
      • Rebalanced crate percentages
      • Made it easier to get the next crate's key
      • Color-coded prize titles to allow players to check rarity at a glance
      • Added Minebombs to crates
      • Added sell Multipliers to crates
      • Reduced key prices in store
  • Store
    • Reduced the price of keys
    • Reduced the price of token bombs
    • Removed IGM from the store
    • Updated ranks descriptions to display newest rebalance
  • Bug Fixes
    • Various other bug fixes and minor updates to plugins


  • Reset
  • Staff
  • Prestige awards
  • New casino games
    • Coin flip
  • Sell multipliers
  • PvP revamp
  • Merch
AuciousAid1 P-PURESB-HeroF-MVP Please work on staff as a priority, i know i say it a lot but it is very needed.

Prison is back!

Wolfinte OWNER posted Dec 10, 17  -  prisonupdate

Hello Purecrafters,

As you may know, PureCraft's Prison server was griefed a few days ago but I have come bearing good news: The culprit has been caught, banned and all the griefing has been reversed! You are free to play on it just as you had before. In the future, if you see any sort of griefing to the world, message me here on our website, make a forum post or post in our discord to let me know so I can rectify the issue as quickly as possible. Thank you for your patience in this matter.

On a side note, there are big plans in place for some great updates coming very soon so stay tuned! :)

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