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Valentine's Sale!

Wolfinte OWNER posted Feb 10, 17  -  Sale

15% off Valentine's Sale! [ENDED]


It's that time of year again - that's all about Loooove. To celebrate Love, everything in the store is 15% off until February 20th!

Happy Valentine's day!

SkyBlock Release

Wolfinte OWNER posted Jan 11, 17  -  AnnouncementNew ServerSaleSkyblock

25% off Weekend Sale for Skyblock Ranks! [ENDED]

The time has finally come! PureCraft Skyblock has been RELEASED! Be the first one on and get your ideal location in the sky! We have implemented a unique system of challenges and different starting islands so there is always something to do. Team up friends to build a fortress of an island and compete with others for a spot on the top 10 islands list. Join us for competitions, giveaways and drop parties! We hope to see you there!

Prison Is LIVE!

Wolfinte OWNER posted Oct 31, 16  -  PrisonSaleUpdate

It's the moment you've all been waiting for...Prison is live!

...And 30% Sale on all Ranks in the Store! [ENDED]

The long wait has been worth it! PureCraft Prison is back and better than ever! Several new features have been added such as the brand new casino. Voting now gives you gems for the brand new gem upgrade system as well as a key after voting at all of the links. Thank you to all who have stuck around and have been patient with me, people like you are the reason I keep PureCraft going! :)

A complete update log is coming soon - Happy mining!

*If you have not received your rank in-game click here to create a ticket - Please specify your rank in the ticket!

AuciousAid1 P-PURESB-HeroF-MVP purecraft is ded
pokeflag P-MVP ok we need a Purecraft time thing cause we don't know what you think soon means do you mean like 1 year or what cau...
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