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Prison is back!

Wolfinte OWNER posted Dec 10, 17  -  prisonupdate

Hello Purecrafters,

As you may know, PureCraft's Prison server was griefed a few days ago but I have come bearing good news: The culprit has been caught, banned and all the griefing has been reversed! You are free to play on it just as you had before. In the future, if you see any sort of griefing to the world, message me here on our website, make a forum post or post in our discord to let me know so I can rectify the issue as quickly as possible. Thank you for your patience in this matter.

On a side note, there are big plans in place for some great updates coming very soon so stay tuned! :)

GUIs Everywhere!

Wolfinte OWNER posted Nov 9, 17  -  prisonupdate

Hello PureCrafters,

I am excited to announce a number of updates that have recently hit Purecraft! Check out the changelog below:

  • Main Menu (/menu)
    • All your most important information and most used commands in one place!
      • Money Balance
      • Token Menu (/tokens)
        • Token Balance
      • Ranks Menu (/ranks)
      • Prestige menu (/prestiges)
      • Active Multipliers! (see below)
      • Achievements! (see below)
      • Kits (/kits)
      • Warps (/warps)
      • More coming soon! (i.e. plot command menu)
  • Achievements (/aach list)
    • A large number of basic achievements have been added to the game! Compete with your friends and earn amazing rewards along the way!
  • Ranks (/ranks)
    • Now a dynamic, interactive GUI so you can visually see your progress!
  • Autosell
    • I have made the switch from quicksell to autosell. This switch allows the addition of several new features such as:
      • Sell multipliers
      • /sellall
        • Now sells to the highest paying shop you have permission to!
      • /autosell
      • /autosmelt
      • /autoblocks toggle
  • Title Alert Messages
    • Welcoming join message added
    • Inventory full message has been temporarily removed
  • Free World
    • Border has been expanded 5k blocks in all directions
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