Prison Revamp!

Wolfinte OWNER posted Apr 25, 18  -  hubprisonupdatewebsite

Hello PureCrafters!

It has been a while since I have been able to bring new updates to PureCraft but I am excited to announce that plans for updates have been in the works! I have spent the past few days bringing several balancing updates to Purecraft! Check them out below!



  • Hub Server
    • Store inventory item now works
  • Prison Server
    • Rankup Awards (Increase as you rankup)
      • 5+ Tokens
      • 1+ Minebombs
    • Spawn
      • Removed animal spawns
      • Moved Helper NPCs to where animal spawners used to be
      • Slightly updated crate appearances
      • Updated PvP arena for better playability
    • Kits
      • New Food Kit (/kit food) - every 2 hours
        • 32 x Bread
        • 8 x Steak
      • Starter kit has been rebalanced
      • Donator kits have been rebalanced
    • Warps (/warps)
      • Added /warp wood
      • Added /warp free
    • Mines
      • Vendors have been placed in more convenient spots relative to the mines
      • NPC names have been recolored to show which NPCs have utility
      • NPCs have been added throughout various mines
      • Fixed ladder centering and placement issues
      • Added roofs to mine buildings
    • Crates
      • Rebalanced crate percentages
      • Made it easier to get the next crate's key
      • Color-coded prize titles to allow players to check rarity at a glance
      • Added Minebombs to crates
      • Added sell Multipliers to crates
      • Reduced key prices in store
  • Store
    • Reduced the price of keys
    • Reduced the price of token bombs
    • Removed IGM from the store
    • Updated ranks descriptions to display newest rebalance
  • Bug Fixes
    • Various other bug fixes and minor updates to plugins


  • Reset
  • Staff
  • Prestige awards
  • New casino games
    • Coin flip
  • Sell multipliers
  • PvP revamp
  • Merch
AuciousAid1 P-PURESB-HeroF-MVP Please work on staff as a priority, i know i say it a lot but it is very needed.