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Wolfinte OWNER posted Jan 9, 19  -  prisonrebrandingUpdatewebsite

Happy New Year, PureCrafters!

I hope everyone enjoyed the holidays. 

After a long break, I am excited to announce PureCraftMC is winding up and updates will now be released regularly! Thank you for being patient and I hope to see you all real soon for an upcoming in-game Discord party! (Date coming soon!)


  • Social Media - Be sure to follow for PureCraftMC updates!
  •  Rebranding!
    • Updated banner and logo
    • PureCraft was changed to PureCraftMC for continuity with the website URL
  • Prison
    • Fixed broken voting links on PureCraftMC website
    • Minor updates to spawn

We're Back!

Wolfinte OWNER posted Jul 27, 18  -  prisonsaleupdate

Hello PureCrafters!

I hope everyone is enjoying their summers. I have exciting updates in store for Prison that will be rolling out in the next few weeks on top of these updates so stay tuned!


  • Huge website overhaul!
  • Players now receive 100 tokens upon ranking up from A to B.
  • New coupon "GOODSTART25" gives players 25% off their first purchase.
  • New Summer Sale 33% off store-wide.
  • Added additional in-game informational signs and messages to let players know about new features.
  • Minor bug fixes.
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